“Your Office In China” Working together to achieve perfect results. What ever your issue, from shipping to poor quality we have a solution for you. Our process is tried and tested. Let us work with you to manage your business in China .

  • Let's get together to discuss your requirements
    We enter into a comprehensive working agreement with you in the UK to clearly establish your existing business situation and what you need from us, both short and longer term.
  • Initial supplier contact
    We contact your supplier, explain in detail our role, or portray ourselves as employees of your business working out of your sourcing office in China. Explain in detail what we require, report our findings in terms of suitability ( are they making or buying and selling), what size operation they are etc . We can visit , although this is not normally required at this stage
  • Products specifications
    These are discussed in depth and agreed with yourselves and the supplier, assessing their ability to make what you want.
  • Prices and terms
    These are agreed with the supplier and/or renegotiated. Often Chinese to Chinese in China gets better results. Prices are regularly addressed as we can often establish a 12 month stability.
  • Initial sample requirements
    Samples are requested for you and although it is normal to have to pay for these we can usually recover this against the first production order.
  • Sealed and signed samples
    Sealed samples are agreed with the supplier, usually three samples, one at the supplier , one with you and possibly one in the China office. These form the basis of the acceptable quality level.
  • Supply agreement
    A supply contract detailing price, delivery dates, quality, specification, penalties, non conforming product, exclusivity etc is drawn up and signed. This is written in Mandarin and is defendable in our local province and governed by Guangdong Law.
  • Ethical statement
    All the necessary Statements of Ethical Work are issued to you from the supplier ,e.g. child labour, testing on animals etc.
  • Order placement
    Once the contract has been signed the official order is place and annexed to the agreement.
  • Order processing and monitoring
    This is a timely process , many communications take place with the factory during this time. Orders are monitored, and progress is reported to you as you require. Production samples are obtained as required.
  • Inspection
    We can advise our inspection team to check the completed order once complete , these inspections are to AQL standard. Our contracts cover our clients for inspection failure . We work with both parties to rectify the situation . Re-inspection is at the factories expense.
  • Good to ship?
    We will assist with shipping , documentation , duty and commodity codes and all other logistics requirements.

We can be an extension of your UK office, Working for you in China

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